Estimating bandwidth available per device

Bandwidth is part of the essential infrastructure of the Library. The minimum recommended bandwidth per Internet device is 1.5 Mbps. To calculate the minimum bandwidth you will need, use the formula as follows: To find “# of devices” for the formula, count the total number of computers, laptops, tablets and other internet capable devices provided by Read more about Estimating bandwidth available per device[…]

Recommended Technology Proficiencies

Basic Computer Skills Turn on and shut down the computer Turn the monitor on and off Know basic parts of the computer: monitor, CPU, mouse, keyboard, CD drive, USB port, printer Use the mouse: left-click, right-click, drag and drop Use the keyboard Operating System Start a program from the Start menu Manage computer settings from Read more about Recommended Technology Proficiencies[…]

Community Engagement Overview

Outcome: The community is strengthened through the active facilitation and/or participation by the library in efforts to gather input, engage in meaningful discussions, and act in partnership to support community-wide growth and transformation. Library affiliates (friends and/or foundation organizations) are aligned to strengthen the connections between the library and the community. [Read more]