Marketing, Communications, and Advocacy Overview


Community members are aware of the library’s activities. They value, actively support, and engage in library initiatives.


The library board, library director, and library staff communicate, advocate for, and promote the library and its services, utilizing traditional communications methods, as well as the most current and effective ways of reaching target audiences. The library follows a well-planned and executed marketing, communications, and public relations strategy to promote library services, resources, and value regularly to the public.

The mission and vision of the library, as defined in the library’s strategic plan, are communicated to stakeholders in ways that illustrate how the library is an essential community service.

The overall goal of the marketing, communications, and public relations plan is to inform the public about ways the library meets the fundamental needs of the community. To this end, the plan includes a strong public image, as well as how library staff will identify, reach, and meet the needs of community members.

Board members and directors play a vital role in lobbying for legislative issues that affect libraries. Knowledge of laws affecting libraries, including limits to lobbying is addressed in the Fair Campaign Practices Act.

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