Resource Sharing Checklist

Statewide Resource Sharing

  1. Participate in statewide resource sharing programs and services, and actively promote these programs to library users.
  2. Contribute resources and/or staff to support statewide resource-sharing programs.
  3. Participate in and promote the Colorado Libraries Collaborate program, offering reciprocal borrowing to cardholders of other Colorado libraries.
  4. Participate in the statewide courier service.
  5. Adopt and implement the Colorado Interlibrary Loan Best Practices.
  6. Use an Interlibrary Loan delivery system for requesting and/or supplying ILL materials.
  7. Provide access to databases or electronic collections in compliance with licensing agreements.

Resource Sharing Checklist – FUTURE-FOCUSED

  1. Offer patrons the opportunity to initiate ILL requests online.
  2. Participate in a shared bibliographic database, when appropriate, regardless of the automation system used.

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