Services and Programming Overview


The community is enriched by programs and services that offer formal, informal, and self-directed learning opportunities for all ages and abilities.


Library directors have the responsibility to hire well-qualified staff that will provide meaningful services and programs to all members of the community.

Services and programs are offered free of charge to everyone in the library’s service area serviceslibstandand are accessible by all. Continuous evaluation is essential to assure that programs and services are effective and accessible, and meet the diverse needs and interests of everyone in the community.

Libraries serve as lifelong learning centers with education being an essential part of their mission. In this role, the library actively commits time and resources to coordinate literacy activities at all levels. Family literacy programs, for example, are essential to maintaining or improving student reading skills. Providing resources and services to assist with employment skills, digital inclusion, and economic development is increasingly important. Early literacy, including programs and services for babies, toddlers, and their caregivers, is a unique and vital library offering to the community.

Keeping the library current and relevant to those who use it involves creating platforms for social experiences, offering opportunities for community members to create their own projects, content, and learning experiences. These are all vital aspects of the library’s services and programming.

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