Technology Overview


Libraries utilize technology to support the missions, visions, and goals of their organizations, resulting in well-informed decisions and efficient, effective library operations and services.


Technology is an institutional asset, as important to the delivery of patron services as the library building. It serves as a basic part of the infrastructure and is integrated at all levels of the library organization. Technology is a key asset delivering on the library’s promise to serve as a community hub, information access point, and cultural center. techlibstand

Technology is a tool, not a goal. Technologies and systems implemented in libraries should be designed, selected, or implemented to serve the needs of patrons and staff in constructive, effective, innovative, and sustainable ways.

Technology decisions are based on sound research and thoughtful planning. Technology requires investment in qualified staff to support the infrastructure. Technology integrates with and supports all other standards featured in this document, including collections, facilities, finance, planning, resource sharing, and services.

It is important to think of investing in technologies in the same way that a library invests in its physical structures, staff, and collections. A library that fails to sustain a dependable technology infrastructure or does not adapt to evolving technologies will find itself ill-equipped to effectively serve the community or to fulfill the standards identified in this document. Because technology is a necessary part of library operations and is a service to the public, this section is longer and more detailed than previous sections.

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