June 4, 2016


Under each Standard, we have collected webinars, articles, and other trainings that highlight best practices. Some of the webinars listed here have been produced in states other than Colorado. State laws, including how they pertain to public libraries, vary from state to state, so please direct questions regarding your specific circumstances to your city, county or library district attorney. This resource list is not intended to serve as legal advice.

Training related to Collections:

  • Weeding Isn’t Sexy, But It Should Be

    Weeding is a lot like Fight Club…we don’t like to talk about it. As libraries evolve into community spaces that encourage creativity and participatory experiences, it becomes more and […]

  • Dewey or Don’t We?: Transitioning to a Deweyless Library

      (Note: We had brief audio issues at the very beginning of the session.) Have you heard about “The Bookstore Model” and wondered what all the fuss is about? Are you ready to ditch […]

Training related to Community Engagement:

Training related to Finance

Budget Basics Presentation: Basics of Colorado statutory and other requirements for local government budgets.

Training related to Facilities

Public Library Facilities Projects 101: An illustration of the process for construction of a public library project (Ohio).

Training related to Governance

What Every Trustee Should Know: Tips from the author of the Handbook for Library Trustees of NY State (New York)

Training related to Human Resources

Training related to Marketing and Advocacy

  • Graphic Design 101

    Learn to entice your patrons and promote your programs with eye-catching, contemporary web and print materials. As well as the basic principles of design, why your library needs a brand, and how to […]

  • Bonding with Your Community: How to Craft Your Library Story

    “It was a pleasure to burn.” So starts Fahrenheit 451, with a frightening glimpse into a dystopian future — where a fireman’s only calling is to torch books. As a library […]

Training related to Planning

Training related to Services and Programming

Training related to Resource Sharing

  • CSL Resource Kits: What’s In Them For You!

    The Colorado State Library Resource Kits are bundled tools and materials that enable you to provide exciting programs to engage with your community in new and interesting ways. Join us as we discuss how to take advantage of the ‘Let’s … Continue reading →

Training related to Technology